Leaving a Legacy

When Helen Waterson passed away at the end of 2016, she made sure that her and her late husband’s love and devotion for ICC and Grace Children’s Hospital would be carried on. Alongside their children, she left part of her will to ICC, showing the priority ICC has had in their lives since the ‘60s. And all of her children agreed: this is how it should be.

Honoring the Etiennes

When we look back to the beginnings of Grace Children’s Hospital, there are so many who helped make James and Virginia’s vision possible. Hilda and Napoleon Etienne were definitely two of them. Caring, loving, and devoted to their community, they played a significant role in the beginnings of the hospital in the 1960s.

5 Kids and Families You Gave Health to in 2016

Thanks to all of your generous support over this past year, International Child Care has been able to provide hope and health for thousands of children and families in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We don’t need to show every life saved for you to know that each one is valuable, but here are just 5 examples of people your support and dollars have helped this year.

ICC's Christmas Wishlist

At International Child Care, we are truly grateful for all the love and support you give to the children of Haiti and the Dominican Republic throughout the year. This holiday season, we ask that you share some of your projected holiday giving with these children once more. By adding ICC to your gift-giving list, you’ll provide life-altering service to more and more children.

Forgotten to Friendship

Cesar, an adolescent boy in the Dominican Republic with mobility and language issues, dropped out of school in the third grade because there was no way to help him learn. When Cesar started ICC’s new adolescent program in the Santiago area, he was shy and hardly spoke at all. Now, he begins the day by walking around the table greeting everyone with a firm handshake and big smile.