Study Says Helathcare Professionals are Limited in Haiti

A study by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has reported that Haiti has an average of 3.5 health professionals per 10,000 people. This drastically minimal number ranks Haiti as the country with the lowest amount of health professionals in the study. For comparison, the United States has 125.1 healthcare professionals per 10,000 individuals.

 International Child Care (ICC) and Grace Children’s Hospital (GCH) are focused on the enhancement of healthcare and the improved access to healthcare professionals. Last month, GCH started construction on an Education/Research & Training Facility. This space will allow for conferences, educational research and training. This will not only be a resource for employees of GCH, but for the healthcare community of Port au Prince.

Birthing attendants are individuals in rural and urban areas that are trained by International Child Care to help women safely deliver children outside of the hospital setting. These attendants also make sure that the babies also receive necessary post natal care. These healthcare workers are making significant strides towards the eradication of infant mortality.

Grace Children’s Hospital is also a large employer to many Haitian healthcare professionals in the community. To learn more about how ICC & GCH are contributing to the healthcare employment rate, visit the ICC website and Facebook page.