The Story of Richardson Deseus

At Grace Children's Hospital (GCH) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, more than 400 patients are seen each day. The hospital's inpatient ward treats approximately 300 children each year. Each child's stay averages three months, in which they receive excellent medical care from professional doctors and nurses, nutritious meals to help them grow healthy and strong, and comfort from the dedicated and loving mamas (nurses’ aides).

Fourteen-month-old Richardson Deseus was brought to GCH on March 2, 2014. Born in Carrefour, Haiti, Richardson is the youngest of five children to mother Morca Frederick and father David Desus. Morca brought Richardson to GCH after being referred by the Missionaries of Charity Clinic from Lamentin 54 in Carrefour. The doctor at the clinic noted that Richardson was suffering from diarrhea, dry skin, dehydration, and orbital excavation. When the doctor found out the mother was being treated for HIV, he immediately recommended Richardson be brought to GCH.

At GCH, Richardson tested positive for HIV. He immediately began receiving Anti-Retroviral (ARV) treatment and, within a month, his condition dramatically improved. Tragically, while he was still in the hospital, his mother passed away from HV.

Richardson has been at GCH for over six months now receiving treatment for HIV. His physical transformation is incredible. He's put on weight and is happy and healthy. He eats well and he's almost ready to go home. However, the sad reality remains that Richardson is one among thousands of HIV-positive Haitian children who will always miss the love of a tender mother.

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