Children of Grace: The Story of Deborah

At Grace Children's Hospital the inpatient ward cares for around 300 children a year. Each child's stay averages around three months; however, they are cared for and cherished for as long as necessary until they are healthy and happy. Two-year-old Deborah was brought to Grace by her parents, Fleurenus Annette and Bertrand Enold, in November 2014. Deborah presented with diarrhea, accompanied with a cough and fever. Her legs were largely swollen caused by the retention of fluid in her leg tissues. After a month of hospitalization, Deborah is starting to improve. With her pain now being managed, Deborah smiles more than she cries. She's beginning to interact with the other children in the ward as they all work toward their healthy recovery.

Deborah's family is able to visit her every day, and for that they are thankful. They are also thankful for the support Grace has offered them financially. Fleurenus and Bertrand are small business owners struggling to support Deborah and her three siblings. When Deborah fell ill, her parents were terrified they wouldn't be able to afford her care. However, Grace diligently works with patients and their families, providing excellent medical care regardless of their level of financial support. In July of this year alone, the hospital treated more than 8,000 patients, most of which were children. Because of generous donors like you, no one was turned away for their inability to pay.

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