Kalamazoo Art Hop

On Friday, December 4th, International Child Care USA (ICC) will host its first Art Hop at Mercantile Bank of Michigan,  located downtown Kalamazoo on 107 W. Michigan St. The showcase, titled "The Faces of Hispaniola," will feature the photography of ICC USA National Director, and local photographer, Keith Mumma.  Each photograph was taken in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the location of ICC's international health projects, throughout Mumma's 26-year involvement with the organization.

Photographs capture life on the island of Hispaniola, showing a new side to two misunderstood countries.  Join ICC on December 4th to unlock the culture of Haiti and the Dominican Republic and meet the faces of Hispaniola. As the Haitians say, "Fok ou aprann pou w konprann." One must first learn to understand.

Each picture is available for purchase as part of year-end fundraising. Please take a look at the pictures below and contact the US office (269-382-8860/800-722-4453 toll free) if you are interested in buying one. Each picture costs $500.00 + shipping. They will be sent out to you framed, and ready to hang! Pictures, including the frame, are on average 27" x 22."