GCH's 13th Nursing Symposium

On November 6th at King's Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Grace Children's Hospital (GCH) participated in the 13th Nursing Symposium for Haitian nursing students. Director of Nursing at GCH Jocelyne Arnoux and ICC USA board member Dr. Ellen Palmer played key leadership roles in the preparation and execution of the symposium. Faculty from the Haiti National School of Nursing and King's Hospital Organization School of Nursing also had a role in the planning committee for the event in which students and faculty from six different Haitian nursing schools participated in. There were 74 attendees in total.

The symposium centered around the discussion of infectious diseases, including cholera and the Ebola virus. Students completed a learning needs assessment for a future simulation laboratory in the evaluation of nursing students and staff nurses.  In the afternoon, students prepared presentations based on the material covered throughout the morning portion of the symposium. Presentation topics included: explain to a first grade class how germs spread; infectious diseases in a community; and nursing care of an individual with an infectious disease in the hospital, to name a few.

ICC U.S. National Director Keith Mumma and ICC U.S. Board Chair John McBride judged the presentations, awarding first prize to the team presenting on how to teach first graders about the spread of germs. Team members tossed around a glitter-covered ball using the glitter to physically represent how germs are easily passed from one person to another.

The symposium concluded with the certification of each participant in infectious disease training. Participants were also asked to complete an evaluation form to assist in the planning of future educational activities. The next symposium will take place in November 2015, and will use manikins to teach and test health care skills. ICC will be sure to provide an update when the 2015 date is announced.

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