Spring Appeal 2015

A glimpse at triumph and tragedy. 

Back in October we told you the story of Richardson; it is one that is all too typical of children in Haiti.  HIV/AIDS are taking the lives of adults and children at alarming rates.  Richardson, now nineteen months, was saved thanks to the generous donations from our amazing BED FOR GRACE partners.CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW and save a child like Richardson from the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS. To learn more about Richardson and his story, download the pdf at the bottom of the page.

In March 2014, Richardson was admitted to Grace Children's Hospital with diarrhea, dehydration and eye problems.  His precious life hung in the balance. Without life-saving treatment at Grace Children's Hospital, Richardson would have likely died. 

Thanks to donors like YOU who believe every child deserves a chance, today Richardson is a much healthier, much happier baby.  He is described as being "chunky" and a bit mischievous by the incredible doctors and nurses at Grace Children's Hospital.