World Immunization Week

World Immunization Week, which promotes the use and awareness of vaccines to protect against disease, will be celebrated the last week of April from the 24th to the 30th. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), immunization is "one of the most successful and cost-effective health interventions." Immunizations prevent between 2 and 3 million deaths every year, in addition to protecting children from preventable diseases.

However, according to WHO, 1 in 5 children are not vaccinated. In 2013, an estimated 21.8 million infants did not receive lifesaving vaccines due to circumstances like lack of access to health services, lack of information, and insufficient political and financial support.

As a result of malnutrition and unsanitary and crowded living conditions, thousands of children living on the island of Hispaniola suffer from diseases that could easily be prevented. Diseases like tuberculosis and polio, which have been eradicated in North America, still threaten the lives of children living in Haiti.

One of the main initiatives carried out by International Child Care is child vaccinations. Not only does ICC play a leading role in the prevention and cure of tuberculosis through the national TB program, but ICC also inoculates against other highly contagious childhood diseases including diphtheria, tetanus, whopping cough, polio and measles.

Supporting ICC means supporting the eradication of preventable disease. Together we can continue to save children’s lives. Given that one out of every eight Haitian children will not live to see their fifth birthday, we must be proactive. No child should die from a disease that can easily be prevented. Help ICC help children. Give today and save lives tomorrow.