Welcome Sapana, ICC's New Office Intern

Hi, my name is Sapana Gupta and I'm extremely excited to be working this summer as ICC's new Marketing Assistant Intern.  I am currently enrolled in Kalamazoo College as a rising Junior, and intend on majoring in Math, German, and Computer Science.  Outside of the classroom, I enjoy reading, listening to (all kinds of) music, exposure to different perspectives, and exploring the outdoors, whenever possible.

In high school, I volunteered for a variety of organizations- something that has lacked during my years in college.  As it becomes harder to find time to get off campus during the school year, I gain more of an urge to delve into something different.  This is where my interest in different perspectives comes into play.

ICC is an organization that primarily focuses on preventing illness, while simultaneously promoting and restoring health for families of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  The vision and passion driven behind ICC are what drew me to this organization- the focus and determination that they hold over the disparities within these nations is something I've never had the opportunity to partake in.  I am so pleased to say that I am a part of such an organization, and hope that by the end of my time here, I not only strengthen my research/writing skills, but that I can continue to promote their mission, while sharing the impact they carry.