5 Reasons to Give to ICC

International Child Care (ICC) has one goal: improving the overall health and wellbeing of children and families in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  Dating back to 1967, ICC has worked toward this vision by providing Hispaniola with healthcare services, education, and by empowering women and children.  The progress ICC has made thus far is largely thanks to you, the organization’s supporters.

Despite ICC’s tremendous impact in the countries it serves, we understand that in these trying economic times, it’s difficult to give away money that you’ve earned and worked hard for. So why should you donate?  

For years, researchers have been observing the relationship between wealth and emotional status.  According to a wide-range of researchers, spending money on others does make you happier than spending money on yourself.  Here are 5 reasons why donating to International Child Care will make you happy.

1 -- Longevity

ICC has been working alongside the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic for over 40 years.  Devoted to bringing health and hope to these populations, ICC has implemented a variety of programs in both nations (Haiti since 1967, the Dominican Republic since 1988).  Our work has presented clear progress over the last few decades, as we’ve saved and changed thousands of lives.

2 -- In-Country Empowerment

The programs that ICC operates consist of all Haitian and Dominican Republic staff members.  In an effort to establish and promote sustainability,  ICC provides medical training to Haitian and Dominican health care professionals. This aids the economy in both countries and also provides the countries with the medical skills they need to improve the health of their nations.

3 -- Attainable Healthcare

In Haiti, ICC provides medical care to children and families, regardless of their ability to pay. ICC has built a network throughout Haiti to serve the population, including its internationally renowned hospital, Grace Children's Hospital, and a string of 135 health clinics throughout rural communities. On the other side of the island, disabled Dominicans share the difficulty in receiving affordable rehabilitation. ICC's Community Based Rehabilitation Program has removed the economic and geographic barriers to accessing rehabilitation by providing low-cost, at-home services.

4 -- Empowering Women

ICC has executed a range of programs geared toward highlighting women’s potential, in addition to hiring local women as healthcare workers.  Developing countries, such as Haiti and the Dominican Republic, suffer from many injustices, including gender inequality. Our programs encourage and provide women with the opportunity to become financially independent so that they can care for themselves and their families.

5 -- Changing and Saving Lives

When you partner and support ICC, you’re taking action.  Today, ICC provides medical care across Haiti, making basic health care an option and priority for the population it serves.  Over the past 21 years, ICC has trained over 450 Dominican women with economically challenged backgrounds to care for disabled children and empower the children’s families to care for them. Throughout our history, each donation and contribution has helped ICC change and save lives since 1967.

You have the power to preserve, and improve, ICC’s programs.  It’s your support and contributions that make up the bridge connecting our services to the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  Don’t wait because it’s too soon -- donate today, before it’s too late.  Join ICC, and give to those who need it most.



Sapana Gupta

Marketing/Communications Intern