The Story of Innocent Legis

Two-year-old Innocent Legis is just one of the thousands of children that ICC has given hope to throughout its nearly 50 year history in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The name "Innocent" is a name given to children whose real name is unknown. Almost always, they are children who have been abandoned.

In July of 2014, Kisla, the children's educator at Grace Children's Hospital, found Innocent in the hospital yard. He was by himself in the hot sun, severely malnourished and crying for help. Brought into the inpatient ward, Innocent received the care and attention he needed to grow big, strong and healthy.

After a few short months in the hospital, Innocent began to "walk like a champion" around the inpatient ward. The mamas (nurses aides) describe him as "very smart and curious," constantly playing with blocks and constructing his own little world.

Innocent will remain at the hospital until social services can place him in an orphanage. Grace Children's Hospital is not only a symbol of hope for Innocent and children like him, but also to the Haitian community and to parents who must resort to desperate measures to ensure the survival of their children.

"The Haitian people are struggling," says Robenson Lucceus, ICC Haiti PR Coordinator. "There are many who don't have enough money to support their children or enough food to feed them."

Innocent's parents "brought him to Grace because they knew he'd be taken care of," says Robenson.

Not only has the hospital helped to restore his health and properly nourish his body, but now Innocent has a chance at a better future.

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