The Story of Sebastian Dorelus

Sebastian Dorelus is six years old. Although, by looking at him, you would guess he was far younger. Sebastian suffers from acute malnutrition. It is defined by a very low height for weight, the result of years of hunger and inadequate nutrition, particularly in his first few years of life.

According to the World Food Programme, one-hundred thousand Haitian children under five years of age suffer from acute malnutrition, while one in three children is stunted, or irreversibly short for their age, like Sebastian.

Sebastian was born in northern Haiti. Both of his parents died shortly after his birth. He now lives with his grandmother in the Delmas neighborhood near Grace Children's Hospital. His grandmother cares for him the best she can, but money for food is not always available.

On September 18th she brought Sebastian to Grace to seek help for his swollen legs and persistent diarrhea, symptoms of chronic malnutrition. The doctors admitted Sebastian, and immediately began intensive and nutritional care treatment.

Sebastian is making a steady recovery in the inpatient ward under the loving care of the doctors, nurses, and mamas. Although Sebastian will continue to be smaller than average children his age, with proper nutrition, he is slowly gaining weight. Despite his small size, the mamas note that Sebastian has "an adult brain," as he plays and speaks with much maturity.

At Grace Children's Hospital, Sebastian is one of the many children we treat at no cost. We never turn any child in need of healthcare away. Please support us as we continue to care for the children of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Donate today.