Meet Reginald Innocent

One-year-old Reginald was abandoned at Grace on June 29th, 2015. He was found in the hospital yard, crying and alone. He was severely malnourished.

Reginald is one of approximately one-hundred thousand Haitian children under the age of five who suffers from acute malnutrition. Upon his admission as an inpatient, Reginald began intensive and nutritional care treatment.

After months of care, Reginald has grown healthy and strong. He is very social, always wanting to play with the other children. Sadly, no family has come to claim him.

He remains under the total care of the hospital until the Haitian Ministry of Social Affairs can place him in an orphanage, which can take months. While at Grace, Reginald will continue to receive nutritious meals and excellent care. The mamas have taken a special interest in him. Even though he doesn't have family to visit him, they want him to know that he is loved.

At Grace Children's Hospital, Reginald is one of the many children we treat at no cost. We never turn any child in need of healthcare away. Please support us as we continue to care for the children of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Donate today.