Sixth Anniversary of Devastating Earthquake

Today, we hold Haiti and its people close to our hearts. We remember the devastating earthquake that wreaked havoc six years ago, where more than 200,000 people were killed, and approximately 1.5 million displaced.

 The earthquake struck close to home for ICC. We lost patients and employees, and the hospital suffered severe structural damage. However, Grace Children's Hospital, amidst the chaos, continued to provide healthcare services. In addition to the normal patient load, hospital staff -- individuals who lost their homes and loved ones -- provided care to those injured from the earthquake, and dutifully returned to work, day after day.

Last year, on the fifth anniversary, we spoke to you about all of the progress Haiti and ICC have made. Now, after six years, that progress continues, and includes a clinical trial for instantaneous tubercular detection and international recognition for research and patient care.

The future continues to shine bright for Haiti and Grace Children's Hospital. Please join us on our journey of bringing health and hope to the children and families of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Donate now.