Meet Jack, ICC USA's Summer Intern

Hello! My name is Jack Dynes and I am excited to come on board as the new Marketing and Communications Intern here at ICC. I am currently a rising senior at Kalamazoo College, studying Economics as well as English literature. I am also a member of the baseball team at Kalamazoo College and recently returned from a 6-month study abroad journey in Perth, Australia. Aside from my academic adventures, I also enjoy fitness, cooking, and spending days at the beach.

I am excited to join ICC for the summer and to assist in an organization that truly believes in the spread of peace and health. As a student in marketing, I have been subject to a number of companies that prioritize profit over wellness, and I am eager to work for an institute that works to spread the good word instead. During high school, I was a member of the Board of Elders within my church and was able to work collaboratively with fundraising projects and mission trips in both Mexico and Kenya. Hearing the stories of spreading grace and kindness inspired me to learn about humanitarian initiatives, and I am ready to bring this passion to ICC. I hope to assist in the development of ICC programs in Haiti and the Dominican Republic as well as to strengthen the vision of this organization.