Summer Intern at Grace Shares Her Story

In the Summer of 2015, undergraduate student Kenya Louis traveled to Haiti for a unique internship. Originally from Haiti, she is currently studying for her bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration at Rhode Island College. At the internsthip, she was able to contribute and learn at the same time. Now back in the States, she wanted to share her experience (which includes a child at the hospital you may recognize):

My name is Kenya Immaculee Louis, and I’m getting a bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration, License in international Non-Governmental Studies and Long Term Care Administration. For the first couple of weeks, I worked at the community health center which is divided into eight clinics: HIV, Tuberculosis, general health, health reproduction, pediatric clinic, family planning, ophthalmology clinic, and inpatient ward. I spent two days in each one.

The inward patient was my favorite place to work and visit. While there, I met one of the cutest orphans. His name is Innocent Legis, and he is two-years-old. The first time I met him, he melted my heart. His mother abandoned him at the hospital on a bench. The children’s educator, Kisla, saw him and brought him into the hospital to receive care. Every day, during my break time, I went to the inpatient ward to play with him.

I also enjoyed my visits to the rural community. Every Friday, I went into the community to gather information about how health workers were delivering healthcare resources. Later on in my career, I would like to pursue a Master’s degree in public health with a concentration in Health Policy and Management. I would like to work as a public health administrator, manage programs aimed at preventing and controlling health threats, and develop policies and practices to improve health.

After this amazing experience, my interest grew stronger, and this experience has motivated me further into my objectives. I learned how important it is to promote prevention among communities.