Meet Antoine Innocent: Grace’s Newest Family Member

September 30, 2015 is a day that completely changed the life of 6-month-old Antoine Innocent: he was found abandoned at Grace Children’s Hospital, slightly malnourished but otherwise free from harm. And while this day marks the day he was left by someone who could no longer care for him, it also marks the day that he was invited into Grace’s large family without hesitation.

Madame Kisla Pierre-Louis, the children’s teacher, found him in the yard and brought him in right away to have tests done for HIV, TB, and other diseases. As it turns out, he just needed some food, love, and care. Occasionally, parents will leave their children at Grace because they don’t have anything to provide for the child, and they trust that the staff at Grace Children’s Hospital will take good care of them. Sometimes they return and other times they do not.

In the months since Antoine was left, the staff at the hospital has seen him through a healthy recovery but has also had the fortunate joy of witnessing his first steps and his first words. Now a year old, Antoine loves to play with the other children in the inpatient ward and emulates the games Legis and Reginald are playing (two other abandoned children). He adores being held and flying in the air like an airplane when he can convince someone to pick him up and spin. And the nurses in the ward can always rely on him when they need a smile or laugh. He’s got big, beautiful, curious eyes and loves to make friends with all that visit.

Antoine will remain at the hospital receiving any care he needs until an orphanage can take him. While we stress at International Child Care that Grace is not an orphanage, we also stress that the staff will never dismiss a child without a place to go. Currently, the hospital is caring for five abandoned children (including Antoine), and the nurses care for them as if they were their own children. Because someone thought to bring these children to Grace, they now have the chance for a happy and healthy life. And because of donors like you, it is possible.

The hospital charges only $8 USD for a child to receive care, and the child will stay as long as he needs after that without any additional charges. Yet, there are so many who cannot afford even this much. This is why our donors are so very important in helping provide care for these children. It is with big hearts that you help these children in need, and we thank you.

Every dollar helps, and we ask that you donate today to ensure that the hospital can continue to care for these children who would otherwise have nothing. Give to Grace Children’s Hospital.