Profile of Excellence: Josette Bijou, M.D., National Director of International Child Care Haiti

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A leading public health expert, Dr. Josette Bijou has spent 50+ years selflessly serving the people of Haiti. Internationally recognized for her work in the public health sector, she has been a driving force behind significant strides to improve the health and quality of life in this fragile but resilient country.

The National/Executive Director of International Child Care Haiti (ICC) and Grace Children’s Hospital (GCH) in Haiti since 2012, she has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to ICC, particularly in the areas of tuberculosis (TB), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV/AIDS), maternal and infant health and public health administration, positioning Grace as a leading treatment and referral center. In addition to diagnosing and treating these conditions at GCH in Port au Prince, Dr. Bijou and ICC provide supervision and support to 149 of the 289 government-funded TB treatment centers throughout Haiti.

Dr. Bijou began her public career in Haiti after earning a medical degree from the State University of Haiti, and a master’s in Public Health (MPH) from the University of Mexico. She became active in government, eventually serving as head of the Ministry of Health. Earlier in her career she served as the Senior National Consultant to the Pan-American Health Organization and World Health Organization “PAHO/WHO” and the World Bank, coordinating the first nationwide project to combat TB in Haiti. Because TB and HIV/AIDS are so closely linked, she became involved in the fight against HIV as well, delivering an address to the United Nations Assembly on progress against HIV/AIDS.

During her time as the Regional Director of the South health region, she was successful in reducing post-delivery maternal and infant mortality rates and helping control contagious diseases through the implementation of a vaccination program. Later she founded the Public Health Association of Haiti, with a focus on health education for professionals, organizations, and the public. Although Dr. Bijou is globally recognized, she is well-known for her calm, humble, yet determined disposition and calls on her Christian faith often in her work with patients and employees.

We at International Child Care (USA) would like to thank her for her years of service to her country, to the people of Haiti and to all who pass through the doors of Grace Children’s Hospital.