From the Executive Director: Just Three Words

He is risen.

Three words carry the entire weight of our Christian faith. If Christ did not rise again, then He was not Lord, and He did not overcome the world and sin.

As a former journalist, I can appreciate the desire for facts, logic, and historical proof of such a miraculous claim. The famous atheist and Oxford scholar, C.S. Lewis, and the modern-day atheist and investigative journalist, Lee Strobel, both discovered there is historical proof, eye-witness accounts and corroborating evidence for that claim.

We must ask ourselves, why would hundreds of eye-witnesses who reported seeing Him after His death be willing to die for a lie? It's one thing to die for belief; but quite another to be martyred for a known lie.

Christ's resurrection is not mere fantasy or myth. Easter is a celebration of a real event.

It is about new beginnings. Christ's resurrection was a new beginning for humanity. In our own small way, when we reach out and change a child's life through this ministry, we participate in the spirit of giving a new beginning.

This resurrection season, let us be grateful for our new beginning in Him. At International Child Care, we want to thank you for healing and for new beginnings - sometimes even taking a child from death's door to life - by your support.

Just three words. And the world was changed.

Have a Blessed Easter,


Jennifer Cramer
ICC Executive Director