Healthy Birth Kits

To participate in the Fèt ak Sante initiative:

Step 1:
Assemble the Healthy Birth Kit Putting together a healthy birth kit is easy, fun and can be enjoyed by all ages and groups. It is very important not to vary from the exact contents of this kit in any way. Each of the kits should be identical with no additional or extra items!

In a Hefty ® "one-zip" zip-lock bag assemble the following items:

  1. 1 single edge razor blades
  2. 1 nail brush
  3. 1 4.5 ounce bar of Dial ® antibacterial soap (or equivalent)
  4. 2 4X4" sterile gauze pads in the wrapper
  5. 2 8" sections of quarter inch umbilical tape (click here for more information on umbilical tape product #401-28)
  6. 1 3X5" "prayer" card with your name, address, telephone number and prayer wishes

(We will translate and forward your prayer wishes, but keep your name and address confidential!)


Step 2:
Mail a minimum donation of $15.00 per kit for the Health Family to your ICC national office. Please include a complete inventory of kits sent for receipt purposes. Each gift represents one child and family who will get the support and hope they need for a healthy start.

Step 3:
Mail the completed Healthy Birth Kit

In the US:
We partner with Rays of Hope International for shipment of our in-kind donations into Haiti. Ourshipping guide explains everything you need to know about shipping through this organization.

Rays of Hope International
446 Grandville Ave SW, Dock 6
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

For more information about Rays of Hope, please visit You may also contact the Warehouse Manager, Ray at or (616) 570-3575 with questions or concerns specific to shipping.

Financial contributions to support the cost of transporting donated items are always welcome. You cangive online and indicate the gift is for shipping costs in the comments section of the online donation form. Thank you for your generosity and eagerness to support ICC’s programs in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

In Canada: Contact the Canadian national office for shipping instructions.

Step 4:
Place the Sante Fanmi on your prayer and covenant list