Healthy Births in Haiti

ICC’s hope is that every mother will deliver her baby with trained support and professional care. However, the reality is that many women struggle with their delivery isolated and alone. Healthy birth kits, containing a few very simple items including soap, sterile razor blades and umbilical tape, ensure that each mother had the rudimentary tools to complete a healthy birth. ICC’s goal is to provide every expectant mother in our program areas with a Healthy Birth Kit that will protect her and the newborn against the common causes of death during the delivery process.

Healthy Birth Kit

A healthy birth kit is made up of a few very simple items and sealed in an ordinary zip-lock bag. It contains new razor blades (to cut the umbilical cord), 4X4" gauze pads, umbilical tape, soap and a nail brush. Each expecting mother in our project area will receive one of these kits.

Sante Fanmi
Even more critical is the "Health Family" that ICC builds around the new mother and baby, made up of family, community members, and professionals. This healthy family ensures post-natal follow-up, inoculations, birth monitoring, as well as accurate and complete birth records. The cost to International Child Care is approximately $15.00 per patient to provide the basic care of the Sante Fanmi.

This includes:

  • Pre and post-natal visits
  • Community development and organizing
  • Vaccinations
  • Micro-enterprise activities
  • Literacy training
  • Growth monitoring
  • Well baby clinics
  • Nutrition classes
  • Birth certificates and records
  • Traditional Birth Attendant Training

Each Healthy Birth Kit along with the Sante Fanmi, represents one child who will enjoy a better chance of becoming a “ti chapé” (little escapee). This is a child who has made it past their fifth birthday. Each donation of $15.00 builds a healthy family that reaches from North America to the villages and slums of Haiti.

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