In-Kind Gifts

International Child Care makes every effort to purchase items locally to stimulate the economies in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We also try to keep our costs down by avoiding expensive overseas shipment when possible, but we do accept gifts of healthy birth kits, personal care kits, handmade gowns, and cloth diapers for the children at Grace Children's Hospital. Please note that the acceptance policy is subject to change at the discretion of the ICC National Directors, based on current program needs.

Here are some of the items we can usually accept:

Personal Care Kits – Get instructions for making personal care kits for children who are discharged from Grace Children’s Hospital by clicking here.

Handmade gowns and diapers for the children at Grace Children’s Hospital – The short-sleeve or sleeveless hospital gowns tie at the back and a variety of sizes are needed (more small than large). There is no particular pattern for the gowns, and you can make them from any lightweight fabric such as cotton. An example pattern can be found here. The hospital uses cloth diapers with ties; you can download a pattern by clicking here.

Certain medical supplies and equipment – For safety reasons, all donations of medical supplies and equipment must be approved by the medical staff in Haiti or the Dominican Republic before they can be transported to the field. We can NEVER accept expired medicines or equipment that is not in safe, working order. Our Medical Needs list (see below) describes some of the commonly needed medical items at Grace Children’s Hospital. We encourage anyone with medical items to donate to contact us for more information before shipping or carrying anything into Haiti or the Dominican Republic.

If you have items like used clothes, stuffed toys or travel-sized toiletries that don’t fit with ICC’s current needs, try contacting a local non-profit organization, such as a homeless shelter or children’s services department, that might be able to put them to good use right in your own community.


Biomedical Equipment

  • Heat source (open warmer, isolette)
  • Suction machine with tubing
  • Pulse oximeters with infant and older child finger probes (2 for the outpatient clinic and 3-4 for the hospital)
  • Dynamap for monitoring blood pressures
  • Nebulizers (need 4-5 in the out-patient and 3 in the in-patient unit) with tubing
  • Portable X-Ray
  • IV pumps
  • blood pressure cuffs for infants and small children
  • Ambulance


  • Oxygen (requested an ‘oxygen concentrator’)
  • Humidifiers for the oxygen
  • Variety of tubing/masks for delivering oxygen
  • Oral airways
  • Laryngoscopes and various sizes of endotracheal tubes
  • Good ambu bags and masks in different sizes
  • Nasogastric tubes
  • nasal cannulas and tubing
  • all sizes of butterfly needles and angiocaths
  • tape
  • gauze
  • gloves
  • alcohol and betadine for antisepsis
  • antibacterial soaps and hand gels
  • Variety of IV fluids (Saline or RL, D5 ½ NS, etc) with tubing and buretrols
  • Angiocaths and tubing, tape and IV arm/leg boards
  • Umbilical catheters
  • Intraosseus needles
  • Educational materials for teaching Basic Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (mannequins, defibrillators, etc.)