Empowering an entire community to care for the health of its children is powerful, effective, and sustainable. International Child Care partners with the community to advance health and wellness through education, health promotion, child health clinics, immunization programs, traditional birth attendant training, and micro-enterprise projects.

ICC’s Community Health projects reach out to people living in remote areas of rural Haiti as well as urban and rural areas of the province of Santiago, Dominican Republic. Working alongside the people in the community, International Child Care has achieved impressive results by linking community-based health promotion and illness prevention with hospital and clinic-based care.



Partnership and grassroots community participation are essential ingredients in ICC’s model of sustainable health. Participation is mutual and control is local. ICC provides knowledge, training, expertise and support, whereas partners provide the direction, leadership, energy and human potential.

No one is more committed to children’s health than mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. ICC simply provides the tools for hope and wholeness.