5 Kids and Families You Gave Health to in 2016

Thanks to all of your generous support over this past year, International Child Care has been able to provide hope and health for thousands of children and families in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We don’t need to show every life saved for you to know that each one is valuable, but here are just 5 examples of people your support and dollars have helped this year:


1. MarKenley Regains Strength

Little MarcKenley went through a dramatic change from the time he was abandoned at Grace Children’s Hospital to now. Had an important person in his life not known to bring him to Grace, who knows if he would have made it. But thanks to that person and thanks to you, he is alive and well!


2. Hope Returns to Ronaldo's Family

Three-year-old Ronaldo had been sick for two years, in and out of other hospitals with no luck. After only a week at Grace Children’s Hospital, he started to feel better, and his family was given hope that Ronaldo would be okay. Thanks to you, Ronaldo can return home to his family without a cough, but instead with a smile.

I might have lost my son, but God provided this place.
— Ronaldo's mother

3. Rafy Receives Rehabilitation

In the Dominican Republic, Rafy has been diagnosed with a psychomotor delay, which involves a slowing-down of thought and a reduction of physical movements. Although it is a sad diagnosis, thanks to you, he received weekly lessons with his mother and ICC rehabilitation worker to develop his motor and thinking skills.


4. Support Lets Cesar's Personality Shine

When Cesar started coming to ICC’s new program for adolescents living with disabilities, he hardly spoke to or looked at anyone. Now he can learn important individualized skills in a group setting, picking up on important team building and social skills. Now he starts each day by greeting each person with a smile and a handshake.


5. Adonese's Family in Haiti Stays Healthy

Aldonese Anitchi is blessed enough to have three healthy babies thanks to the support and knowledge she gets from her community health worker in Haiti. She has learned to deeply trust the health care workers’ advice, who educates, distributes vitamins, and gives vaccines. This supportive community is built from the support you give ICC.

The things you do for the children, you do for God.
— Dr. Bijou, ICC Haiti National Director