Testimonials of Transformation

"Fok ou aprann pou w konprann," meaning, One must learn to understand.

This Haitian proverb is the essence of ICC's Mission Education Encounter Team (MEET). We believe that the first step toward change is understanding, which can only be achieved by witnessing the mission of ICC first hand in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

ICC changes lives every day with the health and educational services it provides to Haitian and Dominican families. However, our MEET participants also find that their lives are transformed once they return from the mission field.

Below are testimonials from a group of women from Trinity United Methodist Church in Hackettstown, New Jersey. In July 2014 these women participated in a cross border play therapy MEET, spending the majority of their time in the Dominican Republic. As you can read from their accounts, their lives were blessed and shaped by their MEET experiences.