Yadiel's Journey in Steps: How Your Dollars are Changing his Life

Yadiel, his family, and ICC staff at the annual walk for inclusion of persons with disabilities in the Dominican Republic.

Yadiel, his family, and ICC staff at the annual walk for inclusion of persons with disabilities in the Dominican Republic.

Two years ago, Yadiel Collado’s life consisted of this: he spent most of his days lying on a table or in his bed. Occasionally he would look at something as he moved it with his hand, but his eyesight was scattered. He never spoke.

Yadiel lives in Santiago, Dominican Republic with his mother and great-grandmother and suffers from autism, motor delay, and visual problems. Yadiel’s case, unfortunately, is common in developing countries. Parents love their children, but they do not know how to help, and children with disabilities are often last in line for the country’s limited resources.

Yet, there is hope. Yadiel is now in International Child Care’s Community Inclusion Program and receives weekly visits from his health promoter, Angie Gratereaux. Each week, she spends time with Yadiel and his mother on a different skill. In between visits, Yadiel and his mother practice together.

Journey toward Steps

Now, after 18 months in the program, he has made great progress. He makes sounds and has more physical movement—including walking better and taking a few steps all on his own! Angie also reports that his visual focus has greatly improved.

In the last two years, his mother has also been able to find a job. Unfortunately, this means that Yadiel is left to his bed in the mornings because his great-grandmother is not strong enough to help him around. This means that International Child Care’s work with him is ever-more important.

“We pray that a better solution will be found for Yadiel and his mother,” said Angie. But for now, she’s grateful to do her part to help.

Thanks to you...

You have helped empower Yadiel's mother to realize how she can help her son, and his regular visits with ICC staff help improve his language and motor development week by week.

Thanks to your gifts, Yadiel has made it thus far. By giving a gift today, or becoming a regular donor, we can ensure that Yadiel and children like him continue to receive this important care, attention, and stimulation in an area where similar services are unavailable or too expensive. ICC continues to work with families, even if they cannot pay the small fee.

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