Want your own 50for50? Here's some ideas!

Grace Children’s Hospital turns 50 this year! Help us honor its golden past and ensure its bright future by joining in our 50for50 campaign to raise money for International Child Care. Whether you cycle 50 miles and take pledges, ask 50 friends to give $50, host an event for 50 supporters, or sell 50 knitted hats, we challenge you to create a campaign that’s uniquely you! By creatively using the number 50, we can each raise support to give hope and health to the children of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Looking for ideas?

We want your #50for50 to be uniquely you! But if you want some ideas to start brainstorming, here's a quick list!

  • Ask 50 of your friends and family for a donation. A donation as small as $5 turns into $250 when there are 50 of them! 
  • Knit 50 scarves and sell them at a church bazaar. Donate the proceeds.
  • Challenge yourself to run 50 miles this year and take pledges for each mile of your goal.
  • Mow 50 lawns for $10 each (or more!) and donate what you make.
  • Into yoga? Try a different pose each day for 50 days. Ask a different person to "sponsor" each pose.
  • Host a dinner party at your church for 50 people.
  • Throw a 50th anniversary for Grace party and charge $50 a ticket. Call us, and we can try to get someone from ICC out to speak at the event!
  • Get together with your friends and family and take pledges to eat only rice and beans (a typical Haitian diet) for 50 hours.
  • Turning 50 this year? Ask people to donate for your birthday instead of gifts.
  • Have your family empty out all their pocket change every night for 50 days. This is a great way to talk to young children about helping others. Remember to pay for items in cash to collect more!
  • Coffee drinker? Make coffee at home instead for 50 days and donate what you would have spent on drinks at the coffee shop.
  • Bake and sell 50 pies for Thanksgiving dinners.
  • Sell 50-50 raffle tickets at your monthly meetings or your next outing.